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  • School Consultancy

    Chinese preschools, primary schools and secondary schools will all be facing a series of challenges to their ideals, conceptualizations, campus cultures and classroom teaching practices, in line with the deepening progress of the Chinese national medium and long-term educational reforms and developmental plans. PKU College and its Education Research Institute hold and promote a balanced development all educational fields. We use “win-win cooperation” as our guiding ideology, utilizing domestic and foreign high-quality education resources. We have integrated first-class experts and scholars in the field of educational reform, providing expert consultation, specific and systematic training, teaching management supervision, curriculum research and other forms of services through our techniques of problem diagnosis, focused training, enrollment guidance and more. We combine advanced educational ideas with tailor made content, promoting improved educational quality and offering leadership to preschools and schools who want to forge ahead with educational reform practices.

    Target Market
    nationwide public and private preschools; parent-child institutions
    Four major stages
    preparatory, early, middle and late stagespreparatory, early, middle and late stages
    PKU College can assist local education bureaus in undertaking supervisory inspections of all administrative public and private preschools, and submitting supervision reports in accordance with all relevant professional standards. We offer development plans focusing on preschools’ existing weaknesses, and can formulate regional educational training plans.
    Nine major areas
    learning environment creation and configuration, management design, student management, teaching management, parent management, human resources management, teacher training, logistics management, and information management

    Professional Values

    Broad vision, clear thinking and effective problem solving;Assist preschools to create and increase profits, while guarding against
    losses; Learn advanced ideas and solutions, which cannot be obtaining through traditional methodologies;The complex requirement of running a modern campus requires a daily management strategies grounded in reason and scientific knowledge;
    Striving for success by emphasizing the fact that knowledge and experience will transform into competitiveness.

    Add:4/F, PKU Jade Bird Group Bldg B, 207 Chengfu Rd, Haidian District, Beijing 100871
    ● Valuing Nature
    ● Nurturing Individuality
    ● Building Wisdom
    ● Developing Excellence