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    Curriculum System

    PKU college has created both a sturdy base of a Chinese Curriculum (focused on 'knowledge', 'ability' and 'moral character'), as well as a "International Curriculum" which places focus on individuality. Chinese language studies focuses on traditional Chinese basic school training; mathematics and science fuse the excellent features of Chinese and American classical teaching methodology; while American natives are employed in the instruction of English language and western culture. The curriculum is fully balanced, - constructed and continually evaluated with strict scientific rigor. Courses taught by foreign and local teachers feed into each other, not only placing importance on the training of students’ talents, but also emphasizing the development of a deep and wide knowledge base, striving in the quest for excellence.

    Century Elite Curriculum

    Every child is magical and unique. Every child is a genius. If we create a enriching and interesting environment, provide various educational opportunities, discover each childs uniqueness, they will prove to be a source of endless happy surprises.

    • Preschool is a the key period of a child's language development. The key to language learning is a good language environment and language understanding. Language skills are critically linked to thinking skills - as one's language skills improve, so does one's capacity for complex thought. A relatively early start to formal language learning will pave the path to an increased ability for lingual comprehension and expressiveness, providing a solid basis for personal development throughout a whole lifetime.


    • Using an American system of English language instruction, we aim to truly grasp hold of a child's crucial early language development period. We employ a native language approach to language teaching which is meticulously designed for children, divided into six stages and five major topics. Online or in-person language instruction is combined with cutting-edge media, smart-boards and colorful textbooks (language, math, and basic thinking skills) to ensure a rich and rewarding introduction to the English language. We position the children a full English language immersion environment, with this background holistic nurturing of a language-sense, we then study specific vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar features in order to then get back to holistic skills of reading, writing, etc. In this way we help Chinese students to rapidly learn English.

      Elite English

    • Mathematics is a study of high-level generalization and symbolization. For children who have not yet mastered the abilities of abstract thinking, it is a very deep topic. Previous mathematics curriculums have been based on an assumption of a concept of numbers which small children have not yet developed; it relied on children's rote memorization of arithmetic, resulting in a mechanical style of learning and memory which could result in a reaction of dread towards the subject. PKU College's Elite Mathematics Curriculum places emphasis on a gradual learning of mathematical principals through many instances of hands on activities, allowing the children to slowly make generalizations through these examples. We let the children learn through play. We make what is difficult seem easy while filling the classroom with fun and fascination, and challenge.

      Elite Mathematics

    • We take the old idea that students should "learn according to how it is taught", and change it to the idea that teachers should "teach according to how it is learned". Passive learning has been overturned in favor of active learning. We believe that children should be able to observe society, and from a study of social life be able to get in touch with society, discover society, experience real life and ultimately grow an understanding of their own personal lives. A specialty of PKU college is introduction of a new study theme each month, with each age group studying the same theme. In the form of a spiral, we use our society exploring activities to take the childrens knowledge from a wide base, down to deep depths.

      Social Practice Thematic

    • Physical development plays an important role in the overall development of a child's healthy body and mind. Without a healthy body, there is no sunny future. PKU College's Physical Education emphasizes the development of large and small muscle condition through interesting fun and games. Every day outside activities involve a morning dance, outdoor games, martial arts, and physical training. For each age group we have over 50 outdoor games to choose from, totaling over 200 games overall. In sum, we help to develop the children's physical development through fun and happiness.

      Physical Education

    • Science can really arouse the curiosity of a young mind; especially when it is experienced in everyday life, children are easily enticed into the mystical palace of knowledge that science brings. Science begins to be grasped as a little baby; from a baby's natural exploration of the world, an interest in study can develop. PKU College's science and experiment curriculum places focus on discovering scientific phenomenon in everyday life; with hands on activities, we explore science's secrets of sound, light, water, electricity, magnetism, friction, and much more, encouraging a child’s curios spirit and desire for exploration. For every age group we have prepared over ten scientific experiments and over ten scientific games, adding up to a total of nearly one hundred different scientific activities.

      Science and Experiment

    • Morality is composed both of a moral character and moral actions. There are differences throughout different cultures and generations as to the implications of morality. The ancient Greeks most valued knowledge, courage, control and justice, while the ancient Chinese confucianists valued the four values of filial piety, respect, loyalty, and trust. In a socialist society each citizen has a basis of morality based in the 'five loves': love of the country, love of the people, love of labor, love of science, and love of socialism; while at the same time carrying forward the time honored working class ethics of industriousness, courage, frugality and honesty. Through a patient cultivation of our "twenty big ethics", our children will be slowly be able to embody in their life and study our school principles of "Valuing nature, nurturing individuality, building wisdom and developing excellence."

      Virtue Education

    • A child’s emotional development, the actions of those around them,and the habits of their lives will all play a significant role in shaping their psychological development. We believe another important contributing factor to this development is music. Music helps us get in touch with the loftier heights of human society and develops a sense of aesthetic appreciation, ultimately helping to cultivate the quality of our human spirit. PKU college places an emphasis on a holistic approach to musical education: from world music appreciation to instrumental practice, from rhythm to melody, from singing to dancing, and from playing to performance, we aim to open up a child’s artistic abilities, unearth their emotional intelligence and generally add to the list of not-insignificant accomplishments they have already attained in their young lives.


    • The fine arts are a special area of education requiring its own approach in order to help foster the general intelligence and abilities of a child. A study of art during childhood will help broaden their knowledge base, develop their imaginations, encourage creativity, and have many other positive effects. PKU college focuses on many different areas of artistic education, including: making things by hand, Chinese folk arts and crafts, appreciation of famous paintings, Chinese water color, and more.

      Arts Education

    Elite International Program

    Elite Sinology Curriculum

    Our Elite Sinology Curriculum grounds itself on the basis of China studies, education studies, and psychology. We mix together school education with parent education and societal education, abandoning an old fashioned approach of the mechanical teaching of a few Chinese classics, instead favoring a more holistic approach which spans the entire range of Chinese culture. Modern curriculums are combined with traditional studies, including Chinese folk art, ethics and philosophy. With the use advanced, age appropriate educational practices, the children's lives are infused with Chinese culture, and the Chinese classics they memories will be constant companions as they grow up. Through the full and rich days experienced at our schools, the children will develop in a holistic, balanced way, growing into maturity with health and happiness.

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    ● Valuing Nature
    ● Nurturing Individuality
    ● Building Wisdom
    ● Developing Excellence