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    As a subsidiary of Beijing Yuanpei Xinmin Educational Technology Development Co., LTD, and with the lofty guidance of Peking University as its starting point, PKU College is a high quality, comprehensive and professional PreK-12 (Preschool to High School) educational institute. PKU College is made of many facets including preschools, primary schools, secondary schools, high schools, teacher training, management consultation, teaching material production, and much more in the education field.

    Consider the name “PKU College.” For us, “PKU” embodies the pursuit of excellence and innovative humanistic spirit that characterizes Peking University, while “College” points to the absorption of ideas from a western collegiate education into an education steeped in traditional Chinese virtue. Together, PKU College strives to cultivate its students into upstanding citizens with outstanding leadership potential, creativity and international perspective.  We make earnest efforts to support China’s national educational innovation, and to do our duty of passing on our national cultural heritage to the next generation.

    In its position as the country’s premier educational institution, PKU College operates three major platforms: research, training and schools. The three platforms have attracted the attention of many senior education specialists both nationwide and worldwide. Our unique Panoramic Pedagogy consists of school education, family education, parental education and social education. We are committed to preparing students for the real life challenges that face them.

    PKU College combines the research and practices of various areas towards the innovation of a holistic approach to family management. These areas include: The standards of Chinese domestic preschool education; a foundation in innovation; the establishment of parental education as the “source of education”; and innovation the science of household management. We place focus on the discussion of scientific research subjects such as preschool education standards, comparison of Chinese and Western educational theories, the internationalization of primary and secondary school operational models, techniques to encourage the innovative thinking of teachers, potential forms of cultural transmission in our schools, mechanisms for family-school cooperation, family-school operation models, scientific mean of household management, etc. PKU College aims to become a national education science think tank, as well as a modern “Whampoa Military Academy” for the teachers, directors and headmasters. Such efforts culminate in the formulation and operation of PKU College’s Research Institution for Parent Education, with the ultimate aim of maintaining ourselves as a prominent institution for the education of both children and families.

    PKU College International Bilingual Preschool

    PKU college is a high quality preschool run under the wings of the prestigious Peking University. We rely upon the excellent research being undertaken by research facilities at Peking University and PKU College, and of course also rely upon our amazing team of specialized, international-minded teachers and managers.
    We enact the idea of 'panoramic education' through means a combination of school education, family education, parent education and societal education. This approach mixed with our original curriculum ensures for the children a high standard of educational service, putting into reality our quest for a 'three dimensional education' and 'multi-dimensional outcomes'.

    PKU College International School

    PKU College’s International School is a set of modern boarding schools including bilingual preschools, primary schools and two-tier international middle and high schools. PKU College International School aims to provide quality education and to develop students’ comprehensive skills, abilities and competitive spirit. We are based on the philosophy of ‘Valuing Nature, Nurturing Individuality, Building Wisdom, and Developing Excellence’. PKU College’s International School features modern teaching facilities and quality teaching resources that provide students a platform to experience Peking University’s profound cultural heritage and to receive an international standard of education. Students also benefit from a highly reputable state-of-the-art school management system that ensures the delivery of quality educational services.

    PKU College merges the best points of cutting edge educational research and practical experience from both China and the United States. Our bilingual methods are based on science, organization, safety and rich teaching activities, used in order to empower students with vital, goal-oriented abilities. It is an essential educational mission to cultivate our students to be global citizens and leaders who will one day make important contributions towards social development. We lay the foundations for the future success and happiness for our students.

    PKU College Teacher Training

    Relying on the educational resources of Peking University and our powerful expert system of school management and development, PKU College’s Education Research Institute provides an elite, comprehensive set of training programs to principals and teachers from public and private preschools, elementary schools, and secondary schools. We also provide training programs to relevant government departments.
    Training Modules:

    •   The Dean of Peking University’s Leadership Skill Development Research Series: the Dean of Peking University’s Leadership Skill Development EMBA Advanced Research Class, the Dean of Peking University’s Leadership Skill Development Outstanding Research Class; the Dean of Peking University’s Advanced China Studies Class;
    • National Outstanding Preschool Teacher EDP Research Class: The curriculum for this module covers basic training (pre-school education theory and personal career development), professional training (every aspect of professional development is addressed, supplemented by cutting edge international educational research), supplementary training (pre-school management and school-home cooperation), etc;
    • Outstanding Primary and Secondary School Principal MBA Training: The curriculum for this module covers ‘the source of education’ and ‘development trends’, principal’s powers of charisma and leadership, establishment of campus culture and brand construction, construction of modern campuses and study systems, advancement of principle’s moral character and ability for public work, etc.
    • Essential National Primary and Secondary School Teacher’s EDP Research Training: The curriculum for this module covers ‘the source of education’ and ‘development trends’, professional skills development, moral education and professional development planning, etc.

    PKU College Independent School Guidance

    Chinese preschools, primary and secondary schools will face a series of ideological and conceptual challenges to campus culture and classroom teaching practices due to the deepening progress of Chinese national medium/long-term educational reforms and developmental plans. PKU College and our Education Research Institute hold and promote a balanced development of educational areas, maintaining win-win cooperation as our guiding principle. We base our practices on domestic and foreign high-quality education resources, and utilize first-class experts and scholars in the field of educational reform.
    PKU College provides expert consultation, general training and training for specific projects, teaching supervision, curriculum research, and other forms of services; this is achieved through problem diagnosis, tailored training, enrollment guidance and more. We combine advanced educational ideas with tailor made content, promoting improved educational quality and offering leadership to preschools and schools who want to forge ahead with educational reform practices.

    PKU College Family Management School

    The PKU College Family Management School is the first family management school of its kind to be established in China, developing out of a cooperation between many different actors, including active and outstanding domestic and international scholars, education practitioners, the China Family Education Research Institute, PKU College research institute, Beida Jade Bird Education Group,Tao Xingzhi Education Foundation,and the China Teacher Development Foundation. The high quality educational resources of this school have been amalgamated from top Chinese universities including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University, Capital Normal University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Through our family management and parent education training, we hope to raise the quality of our citizens, pass on Chinese culture, promote educational safety and establish sense of national defense.
    The PKU College Family Management School is the first Chinese institute to provide post-bachelor “EMBA” studies in Family Management, filling a blaring gap that the country previously had in this field. Our EMBA family management course takes the approach of a synthetic, applied science - conducting research into the patterns of how culture and wealth are passed down from generation to generation. It is the study of how one should act as a grandfather or grandmother, mum or dad, husband or wife, man or woman, boy or girl, and aims to resolve the problems of ‘teaching the next generation, managing your backyard, and passing on to posterity’. We aim to provide cutting edge educational theories, a systematic curriculum, and a lifelong educational service while promoting a rich and rewarding family life, family relationships that are built to last, and a harmonious and stable society.
    Add:4/F, PKU Jade Bird Group Bldg B, 207 Chengfu Rd, Haidian District, Beijing 100871
    ● Valuing Nature
    ● Nurturing Individuality
    ● Building Wisdom
    ● Developing Excellence