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  • As a subsidiary of Beijing Yuanpei Xinmin Educational Technology Development Co., LTD, and with the lofty guidance of Peking University as its starting point, PKU College is a high quality, comprehensive and professional PreK-12 (Preschool to High School) educational institute. PKU College is made of many facets including preschools, primary schools, secondary schools, high schools, teacher training, management consultation, teaching material production, and much more in the education field.

    Consider the name “PKU College.” For us, “PKU” embodies the pursuit of excellence and innovative humanistic spirit that characterizes Peking University, while “College” points to the absorption of ideas from a western collegiate education into an education steeped in traditional Chinese virtue. Together, PKU College strives to cultivate its students into upstanding citizens with outstanding leadership potential, creativity and international perspective. We make earnest efforts to support China’s national educational innovation, and to do our duty of passing on our national cultural heritage to the next generation.

    In its position as the country’s premier educational institution, PKU College operates three major platforms: research, training and schools. The three platforms have attracted the attention of many senior education specialists both nationwide and worldwide. Our unique Panoramic Pedagogy consists of school education, family education, parental education and social education. We are committed to preparing students for the real life challenges that face them.

    PKU College combines the research and practices of various areas towards the innovation of a holistic approach to family management. These areas include: The standards of Chinese domestic preschool education; a foundation in innovation; the establishment of parental education as the “source of education”; and innovation the science of household management. We place focus on the discussion of scientific research subjects such as preschool education standards, comparison of Chinese and Western educational theories, the internationalization of primary and secondary school operational models, techniques to encourage the innovative thinking of teachers, potential forms of cultural transmission in our schools, mechanisms for family-school cooperation, family-school operation models, scientific mean of household management, etc. PKU College aims to become a national education science think tank, as well as a modern “Whampoa Military Academy” for the teachers, directors and headmasters. Such efforts culminate in the formulation and operation of PKU College’s Research Institution for Parent Education, with the ultimate aim of maintaining ourselves as a prominent institution for the education of both children and families.

    Our Vision

    Rooted in Peking University’s academic and culture tradition that has spanned over a century, we are committed to building the most highly regarded comprehensive educational institution.

    Our Mission

    To cultivate our students to become great Chinese and world citizens with remarkable leadership, creativity and international perspectives.

    Educational Philosophy

    Three-Dimensional Education and High-Dimensional Achievements

    Three-Dimensional Education is the development of a life and learning space with static thinking and dynamic development for children that unites the trinity of the individual, group and nature. Such development absorbs positive temperamental features, talent, ambition, and metaphysical theoretical understanding as children control the past, present and future. Children are provided with the most vigorous vitality of knowledge, nutrition, high-grade teaching, and a pure living and learning ecology.

    Multi-dimensional outcomes again borrow an idea from physics. If the “Three dimensions” are those of space, the “fourth dimension” is that of time. The best teaching methods are those which will cultivate for society the best talent in the shortest amount of time. In Short – a time based education is the best kind. As for the fifth and sixth dimensions (Steven Hawkings takes there to be eleven), we can use them to refer to economic and societal talents.

    Educational Goals

    ● Valuing Nature ● Nurturing Individuality
    ● Building Wisdom ● Developing Excellence

    School Motto

    ● Value virtue, love learning
    ● Be resolute, respectful, courageous and wise
    ● Earnestly observe the right path of action
    ● Be diligent, dignified, sincere and self-restrained

    PKU College adheres to the profound academic traditions and high quality educational resources of Peking University. We gather a large number of well-known and respected international experts and scholars in order to develop a strong force of teachers with diverse disciplines, backgrounds and broad academic visions. PKU College is committed to the Chinese Ministry of Education's basic education pathway – pledging to continuously open students’ minds, cultivate the future elite, and realize our dream of providing an exceptional education.

    The Management Structure of PKU CollegeThe Management Structure of PKU College

    PKU College’s national development is laid on the foundation of four main departments: the Research Institute, the Operation Center (which manages all the preschool, primary and secondary schools nationwide), the Development Center (which explores good relationships with real estate development companies and government departments), and the Support Center (which deals with Marketing, Engineering, Procurement, Finance, and Human Resources).

    About PKU College’s Educational Research Academy

    PKU College’s Educational Research Academy consists of an educational research department and an educational training department. Both include three sectors: the Research Institute, College, and Learners Center. The Academy undertakes scientific research, educational training, school guidance and other educational practical work.

    PKU College’s Preschool Educational Research Academy and Basic Educational Research Academy conduct the research and development of Chinese and English curriculums - standardizing teaching practices and other educational activities. Both Academies employ various teachers, principal and parent training programs. The Research Academy rolls out classic curriculum systems, while giving support to teachers and principals in order to ensure the best quality of teaching is executed in our schools. Our ‘Parent School’ selects famous Chinese child-development experts to give speeches on children’s growth and education, family relationships, motivation, family safety and health, and other fascinating topics. PKU College’s Preschool Education Center and Basic Education Center undertake government projects to provide guidance for all kinds of preschools, primary schools and secondary schools. The centers carry out deep cooperation in educational teaching guidance and other areas.

    Add:4/F, PKU Jade Bird Group Bldg B, 207 Chengfu Rd, Haidian District, Beijing 100871
    ● Valuing Nature
    ● Nurturing Individuality
    ● Building Wisdom
    ● Developing Excellence